Usability of a paternity test in Court

If the results of a paternity, maternity or sibling test are to be used as valid evidence in court or for authorities (e.g. immigration), the following conditions must be fulfilled.

The identity of the people involved has to be ascertained without doubt by an authorised person while taking the test samples. For this purpose, independent witnesses such as a medical doctor or our laboratory staff are suitable. In other words, all samples (usually swab samples) received in our laboratory for DNA analysis must be accompanied by a documented chain of custody. The witness completes a record of the taking of the swab sample and sends the samples back to us (forms are included in the test kit). Or you may choose to perform the sampling process at our laboratory, guaranteeing the chain of custody.

As all sampling for paternity testing in Germany has to be documented by an objective witness, all our test reports can be used for legal purposes and courts (Premium test) or are eligible for subsequent upgrades (Basic test). Peace of mind tests for personal orientation only and home DNA sampling are available from bj-diagnostik science.

We recommend to get professional legal advise for private or immigration DNA testing on the requirements which vary from country to country.

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Accredited by DAkkS (national accreditation body for the Federal Republic of Germany) to the ISO 17025 international standard for paternity and family relationship testing