Paternity Test on the basis of DNA, prices

We examine up to 23 markers with a probability of paternity of up to 99.99999% and more (100% for the exclusion of paternity). All prices are inclusive of VAT and laboratory cost. Order our free-of-charge test set without further obligation, including all necessary forms.

paternity test
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paternity test for private orientation only (2 persons)
Our competitive price for privately commissioned paternity tests.

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paternity test
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paternity test for legal purposes (for courts and authorities)
(2 persons)

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Additional options:

each additional person (additional children, mother, 2nd alleged father) 99€
blood instead of swab samples (ETDA) 169€
express test:
Result within 5 instead of 8-10 working days
additional test reports, each letter or e-mail 20€
documentation of test persons' identities during sample collection at our premises
(free of charge for Premium test)
letters to authorities on your behalf, organisation of sample collection at health authorities or abroad upon request
test report in French instead of German or English upon request
VIP Test: We collect your samples and perform all documentation at a location of your choice in Germany. upon request

Results are available within 8-10 working days (express 5 days). Payment by bank transfer, PayPal or SOFORT transfer.: 


Sibling test, kinship or relationship testing

Especially for cases without a sample from the alleged biological father - Using autosomal DNA-markers together with our innovative software we will calculate likelihood ratios based on Bayes mathematics to find out the degree of relatedness between the persons tested. As we are specialised in the analysis of deficiency cases, many combinations like two, three or more siblings in a test are possible. In general, such tests are indirect paternity testing cases. Indirect means that the putative father cannot be tested. Instead any other relative to the putative father can be tested to give indirect genetic information about the potential father, eg. brother or sister of the alleged father or his parents.

kinship test
relationship test >>

2 test persons of either sex, e.g. brother/sister, examination of 16 markers

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kinship test brothers
Y-chromosome >>

2 male test persones, only male lineage, exmination of 11 markers

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Results are available within 8-10 working days (express 5 days). Payment by bank transfer, PayPal or SOFORT transfer.: 


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bj-diagnostik GmbH is accredited by DAkks to ISO 17025
Accredited by DAkkS (national accreditation body for the Federal Republic of Germany) to the ISO 17025 international standard for paternity and family relationship testing