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Maximum certainty of the test is achieved through the inclusion of a sample of the mother in the DNA research. The DNA paternity test (Vaterschaftstest) can produce probabilities of paternity that are 100, 1000 or more times more accurate if a sample of the mother is included (for example, 99.99999% instead of 99.99%). One nine behind the comma more increases the likelihood ratio by a factor of 10. The exact value is produced through the test results in the combination of frequently and rarely occurring inherited characteristics which are passed on to the child from the father. In most cases, however, reliable results can also be achieved without a sample of the mother.

The certainty of the test is not dependent on the nature of the sample material. Trace samples can be analysed if e.g. the alleged father is deceased and only objects of former personal use are available for the analysis. Respective legal requirements need to be fulfilled.

Similarly to paternity tests, one can also carry out maternity tests which is the analogon to a paternity test since the test is based on a symmetric problem with the child in the center of symmetry. Generally speaking, the DNA paternity test does not involve a genetic test, therefore, the investigation of a DNA profile also does not produce information regarding genetic illnesses or properties, for example skin, hair or eye colour.

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