Paternity Test Father – Child, Test Without Mother

Even if no sample of the mother is available for testing, relationships and descendancy can be determined with a very high probability. With up to 23 DNA markers, which we routinely test, we achieve values of 99.99 %, up to 99.99999 % and more.

In the test case Father – Child, only the characteristics inherited by the child from the father are determined. Additional certainty of a paternity test is achieved through the inclusion of a sample of the child's mother. In general, the probability values are higher when the mother's sample has been included in the analysis (for example 99,999999% instead of 99,999 %).

Paternity testing and DNA sample collection is quick and easy:

As all sample collection in Germany has to be witnessed by an independent and official witness, for example a medical doctor or our laboratory staff, all test reports can be used for legal purposes or are eligible for subsequent upgrades.

The certainty of the paternity test is not, incidentally, dependant on the nature of the sample material. A DNA analysis in Germany can only be performed if all test persons and/or their legal custodians (i.e. mother and father) submit their agreement to the examination in writing. The analysis of trace samples is therefore only possible within tight legal limits, for example, if the alleged father is already deceased and only objects of former personal use remain for the analysis.

Results usually will be ready 8 - 10 days after we received the samples and the payment.

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Accredited by DAkkS (national accreditation body for the Federal Republic of Germany) to the ISO 17025 international standard for paternity and family relationship testing